Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Holistic, natural, traditional, herbal, integrative, complementary and alternative, are all names of this discipline that stands apart from the conventional drug-based medicine. There are some strong opinions about which is better, on both sides of the fence. But I think this fence is imaginary, and really, holistic medicine is just another type of medicine, and all those types should be friends. Holistic medicine does differ from conventional medicine quite a bit deep down. 1. Holistic medicine looks at a person as a whole that consists of interconnected parts. Holistic medicine practitioner looks at the whole picture and the context within which disease develops. For example, our guts influence our emotions, and our emotions influence our blood vessels, and so forth. 2. Holistic medicine tries to find and eliminate the cause of each disease. That may be diet, toxins, stress, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, parasites, and others. Healing the gut in order to improve mood and energy is an example of that. 3. Holistic medicine believes that the body can heal itself from almost any disease. Of course, there are situations where this is not possible, but for most conditions it’s true. Therefore, holistic medicine practitioners don’t heal anything, Read More