The Dangers of Oxidative Stress

  I’m gonna talk numbers first. My personal educated guess is that around 90% of the population in the United States and rising numbers in other countries is in a state of oxidative stress. Chances are, if you feel unwell, run down, achy, and downright sick, you are in a state of oxidative stress. It is not the same as psychological stress, it is rather a chemical imbalance in the body, a general diseased state of affairs. Oxidative stress leads to worsening of diseases over time and an early and painful death. Your body cannot fix it by itself but persists in a vicious loop where oxidative stress creates further oxidative stress, and it desperately needs your help! Let’s see what this beast is. Not many are aware of the term oxidative stress, and yet it is the underlying mechanism of the vast majority of diseases. In fact, I am yet to come upon a disease, disorder, condition, or even a minor ache where oxidative stress is not involved in some way. This is because oxidative stress is behind inflammation involved in most diseases. So, ideally, reducing or eliminating oxidative stress should reverse disease and even prolong life itself! The Read More