How Much do Holistic Medicine Therapies Cost?

How Much do Holistic Medicine Therapies Cost? Ever since health insurance became mandatory in the United States, complementary and alternative medicine practitioners may have experienced a reduction in popularity because health insurance does not cover most holistic therapies. It costs $25 to visit a family physician for patients with good health insurance plans, versus over $100 for a visit with a naturopath, chiropractor, or other holistic health practitioner. Medication with insurance also has a manageable price whereas some professional quality wellness supplements run between $20 up to $200 and above. Moreover, since patients are already paying for insurance that guarantees lower medical treatment costs, going to the alternative doctor may feel like a luxury, an unnecessary expense. However, things become very different when you get really sick. Average annual cost of treating diabetes is around $13,000, of these $7,000 is cost directly associated with treatments for which the insurance may pay 80% and you pay $1,400 out of pocket, plus your deductible ($1,500-2,500). The other $6,000 are expences related to diabetes not covered by insurance. If you have complications the price of course only goes up from there. Things get really hairy when you get into heart attack, stroke, and Read More