What is Inflammation and Why it is Important

Inflammation is behind most diseases. Cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, autoimmune, diseases of joints, cancer and other tumors, and even most mental disorders are all inflammatory conditions. These conditions are perpetuated by inflammation that does not go away, it’s chronic. Reducing inflammation is the first and foremost step in any holistic management of disease. Inflammation in a healthy body is a good thing. It is a state of localized tissue in the process of repair. Inflammation does not heal the tissue, but it creates an environment that helps the healing. Inflammation dilates local blood vessels and makes them leaky, letting blood plasma (fluid without red blood cells) inside the tissue and causing an edema. This makes the area enlarged, red, painful and hot. Immune cells flood the injured area in order to destroy any bacteria that may have gotten in and scavenge damaged cells. Inflammation can be created both by injured tissue cells and by immune cells. Inflammation is mediated by chemicals produced by them called cytokines, prostaglandines, histamines, and many others. These chemicals act on blood vessels to locally dilate them and make them leaky. After the area is repaired and all bacteria are killed, the tissues produce anti-inflammatory chemicals and inflammation Read More