How to Find and Read Scientific Studies

… so you can check the evidence and decide for yourself Scientific studies are actually pretty easy to find on a wide variety of topics. I normally use, it’s a website where almost all medical research is posted on. There are millions upon millions of scientific articles on it today, and the number is increasing at an accelerated rate every year. Research articles are usually published in scientific journals (which cost thousands of dollars), and then they appear on pubmed either as an abstract or full text. Scientists complete their studies, write articles about their studies in as much detail as possible, and submit them to these journals. The journals review the articles in a process called peer-review where a group of other scientists read the study article and judge if it’s sound or not. If there are no problems with the study or the article, the article is published, both online and in print. The way you use pubmed is simply open the front page and enter the name of the condition or disfunction you are interested in and perhaps a remedy in the search field. For example, type depression lavender essential oil. Today, 24 articles were fetched. Read More