New generation technology in natural skincare with unique Liquid Crystal Emulsion technology and Non-Ionic Cleanser and shampoo system that are healthier,  more skin compatible, and effective.

Liquid Crystal Formulation

Liquid Crystal Emulsion systems mimic the way skin lipids are organized — in layers of water and oil for maximum hydration and protection. As a result, our products seamlessly integrate into the skin matrix, drive actives deeper into the skin layers, and hydrate the skin better than regular creams.

Non-Ionic Cleansing

Herbologia developed the first ever Non-Ionic cleansers that are chemically neutral and exceptionally gentle. HERBOLOGIA cleansers protect the skin and maintain the acid mantle, the natural defense barrier that keeps microbes and pollutants away.

Clean Ingredients

Herbologia crafts each product with utmost care. Through extensive research, we handpick only the finest and the highest quality ingredients that are both clean and effective. HERBOLOGIA has developed an extended list of avoided substances that are harmful for either the body or the environment.