Liquid Crystal Emulsion

Our ultra-rare liquid crystal formulation takes care of the health of your skin in a unique way. Our skin has a so-called lamellar barrier lipid structure, where layers of water and lipids protect the skin from dryness and pollution. Disrupted lamellar layer, as shown on the picture, results in irritation, itchiness, problem skin, and dryness. As we age, our natural skin barrier function diminishes.

Herbologia creams and lotions have the same lamellar structure as the skin’s barrier. They seamlessly integrate into the epidermis, deeply nurturing and rebuilding this vital skin’s structure. The natural plant oils, ceramides, cholesterol, and squalane present in our Liquid Crystal Day and Night creams, Ingenue Cream, and Eyelift Cream, provide the building blocks for the lamellar barrier layer. As a result, our creams and lotions absorb much better without leaving a residue, drive actives deeper into the skin layers, and do not irritate the skin. Herbologia products are therefore superior for the care of skin barrier, especially in mature skin.


Non-Ionic Cleansing System

Herbologia shampoos, washes, and cleansers are all non-ionic, which means they are chemically neutral. Regular shampoos and cleansers are alkiline in nature, but our skin and hair are naturally acidic. The acid mantle present on the very top of the skin serves as a shield against germs and pollution. When you wash your body or hair with alkiline products, they react with the acid mantle and strip it away, exposing your skin to the environment.

Herbologia is the first brand to ever develop fully non-ionic cleansing system that we use in our cleansing products such as shampoos and washes. They are neutral, and therefore they cleanse and protect the skin’s acid mantle without disrupting its delicate balance. Moreover, most of our cleansing products contain acidic ingredients such as Apple Cider Vinegar or Aloe Vera and are therefore even more skin friendly. Herbologia shampoos, washes, and cleansers will not dry your skin and hair, but gently wash and moisturize.