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Elena Duque about Herbologia Skincare


“I was asked to try several of these products and give my feedback. Honestly I did so without much thought as after many years of trying many different products I had come to believe not to expect miracles from topical products including gold standard products from the dermatologist.
So without expecting much I gingerly began and I say that because I tend to have reactions to products so I carefully tried one by one first on the inside of my arm and then my face. I experienced no adverse reactions to anything.
The first thing I noticed was the fragrance of each product…which all smelled natural and very …. soothing. I am not sure how to describe but the fragrance of the creams and especially the oils is almost addictive, they smell so organic ….so good and not at all overpowering.
After about 2 weeks I started noticing my forehead wrinkles diminishing within a few minutes of applying the products. My face had a radiant glow and my ph and skin tone just looked balanced. I don’t know but I think it’s the oils especially that are doing the heavy lifting
I am on about week 7 and I am still seeing constant….noticeable improvement.
This is not hype. I don’t know what or how this is working so well but never in my life have I seen these kinds of results. I think this product is going to be in very high demand. I hope the formulas never change because it is all working. If I never used another product line for the rest of my life it would be just fine with me.”
Mary Elizabeth Bradford.