Herbologia Difference

We believe in innovation in natural cosmetics. Herbologia Holistic Cosmetics is a luxury natural skincare brand that applies current skin science knowledge to create new generation formulation designed for superior skin compatibility, safety, efficacy, and quality. Our unique emulsion system mimics the skin lipid barrier, seamlessly integrating into the layers of skin, providing enhanced hydration, absorption, and effectiveness. Herbologia created the first ever non-ionic cleansing formulation used in our shampoos, cleansers, and body washes that are the most skin friendly, neutral, and pH-balanced. Going above and beyond to truly care for the health of skin and body is Herbologia’s holistic way.

Herbologia encompasses multiple facets of care:

– Superior skin compatibility with Liquid Crystal and unique Non-Ionic technology
– Absence of toxins and irritants
– Rejuvenation
– Oxidation preservation
– Natural non-toxic microbial preservation
– High-quality herbal extracts with maximum levels of phytochemicals
– Maximum acceptable concentration of actives
– Natural plant-based aromas
– Premium plant oils selected for their fatty acid profiles and phytochemical content
– Skin barrier support and care
– Best quality possible according to most current science