The Herbologia facility is located in the picturesque hill country, with nature right at the doorstep, and away from major cities and pollution. Crystal clear artesian water and the pure country air create the best environment to produce good-for-you wholesome skincare products.

The company was started by mother and daughter, Elena Danley and Tatiana Trunilina, after performing ten years of research and development of their natural skincare.

For generations, Elena and Tatiana‚Äôs family has been professionally involved in medicine and herbalism. At an early age, Tatiana was healed from a serious illness by herbal remedies, that’s when she started to firmly believe in the power of nature, and it determined her path in life. She studied herbal medicine, aromatherapy, nutrition, and chemistry at American College of Health Sciences and the University of Texas pre-medical program. She received a Master’s Degree in Complementary and Alternative Medicine with a focus in Holistic Nutrition and earned a Family Herbalist Certificate. Her thirst for knowledge compelled her to study beyond her curriculum and she learned about traditional schools of herbalism such as Chinese, Indian, American, MIddle Eastern and European, both ancient and modern, to compare them and garner each of their wisdom.
She has been researching herbs and essential oils from various countries and selected the most effective and the highest quality botanicals. She developed herbal supplements and natural skincare formulations that are clean and high performance.
While practicing as a holistic nutritionist, she noticed that most skincare products affected health even with a holistic diet. She examined cosmetic products on the market and found harmful ingredients even in high end brands, which interfered with hormones and overall wellbeing. That’s when she decided to launch her own new generation natural cosmetics line using her knowledge and experience.
Herbologia Holistic Cosmetics line started in 2018 with nine products. By 2019, the line grew to 25 products that include facial moisturizers, serums, lotions, beauty oils, and hair grow mask.
In August of 2019, Herbologia became a finalist in the Indie Beauty Expo New York Best In Show Awards.