Herbologia Clear Skin Blemish Correcting Cream (50ml)


Herbologia Clear Skin Blemish Correcting Cream (50ml)

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Natural Blemish Cream with Green Tea Extract, Grape Seed Extract, and Tea Tree Oil. UPC: 850010641034

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Clear Skin cream for problematic skin with Tea Tree Essential Oil, Green Tea, Honey, MCT Oil and Squalane. This cream is vegetable oil-free, polysorbate-free, and only has medium-chain triglyceride oil and squalane as a lipid phase which maintain the health of skin. Green tea is an antioxidant and a mild anti-fungal, and tea tree, mixed with wild lavender and ylang ylang essential oils for a pleasant combination, works with green tea to protect the skin from pathogens.

Squalane and MCT oils lock in moisture, providing an all day hydration and protection from the elements. Rosemary Antioxidant at maximum concentration helps to fight free radicals and the negative effects of UV radiation.

Ingredients: Filtered Artesian Water, MCT Oil Organic, Simulgreen 18-2 (Hydroxystearyl Alcohol, Hydroxystearyl Glucoside), Squalane, Hyaluronic Acid, Cetyl Alcohol, Cholesterol, Grape Seed Extract Organic 98% Polyphenol, Green Tea Exract Organic 98% Polyphenol, Rosemary Antioxidant Supercritical CO2 Organic, Aple Extract Organic 75% Polyphenol, Caprylhydroxamic Acid GG (Caprylhydroxamic acid, glyceryl caprylate, glycerin), Potassium Sorbate, Xanthan Gum, Chamomile Roman Organic Essential Oil, Lavender Wild Organic Essential Oil, Tea Tree Organic Essential Oil, Ylang Ylang Organic Essential Oil, Frankincense Organic Essential Oil.

Direction: apply to the skin after cleansing and toner of your choice.

5 reviews for Herbologia Clear Skin Blemish Correcting Cream (50ml)

  1. Angelika

    Absolutely satisfied with the results of using this product. Tried different solutions to treat my problematic skin before, none of them worked as fast as this one. Skin looks much better after a few applications. Recommend to everyone who is looking for blemish treatment and overall skin improvement.

  2. Erica Castilleja

    By far the best blemish cream I’ve ever used to help me clear up my skin. I use this almost daily. It really helps me keep my skin under control. This product, combined with the snow-white serum and Vitamin C has helped my acne scars almost completely diminish. Very happy with this cream!!

  3. Pamy

    LOVED this product! It helped my face clear up in a matter of days! I definitely need to get more of it soon!

  4. Rima

    I started off with quite a lot of blemish spots on my face…and after 2 weeks of using this product I couldn’t believe how clear my skin tone had become!!! It completely transformed my look into a much younger and healthier one!! Never had such dramatic effect with any product I had used in the past knowing that I had only used established natural brands before. This product is amazing and I am counting on it to keep my face looking clear, healthy, and young!!!

  5. Jennifer

    I am so happy and excited about this cream. My skin looks very healthy and has significant improvement.

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